Welcome To Level 7: What Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Means to Me

WARNING: I’m about to fangirl about the 100th episode of Agents of SHIELD, so if you don’t want to see any spoilers…click off this post now.

March 9th, 2018 at 8 pm, or as I am going to call it the greatest night in TV history. One of my favorite shows celebrated it 100th episode. And that show was Agents of SHIELD. This episode had everything: suspense, drama, heart with a little bit of comedy to top it all off.

We see Coulson tell the team that he’s dying and that there’s nothing they can do. Melinda May being the badass that she is, tells him there is a way and that the team will not give up to save him. He tells her that he’s a lost cause and that he’s accepted his fate. I have to disagree. In Sci-Fi, there is always something that can be done. And I for one, I don’t know about other fans, do not want to use the hashtag #CoulsonLives again because seeing him die once was enough. He needs to be around when he officially makes Daisy the new Director of SHIELD (hoping they go with that story line from the comics ever since they hinted at it with a conversation between Coulson and Daisy in S4).

Everyone else on the team is upset and distraught over this secret, but Daisy takes this news the hardest. She tells him there is no SHIELD without him. She then proceeds to tell him that the team needs him because he is the one that holds them together. What got me choked up was when Daisy tells Coulson he gave her a home and proceeds to break down and cry. Coulson had been a constant father figure for Daisy since S1; he was even a better dad than her actual dad when he showed up in the later part of S2.  Chloe and Clark deserve all of the props for that scene because it hit me right in the feels, and I just wanted to hug them both.

The one thing I found funny about the episode, even though it was the main problem, was the giant crack on the wall. There was a rip in the fabric of reality! I don’t know if it was an intended Easter Egg, but the crack was a definite homage to the Doctor Who episode “The Eleventh Hour”. To be honest, I wouldn’t have been if Prisoner Zero was the cause of all of the figments of fears for the team. I was also low-key hoping for either Fitz or Jemma to make a joke along the lines of “Where’s a blue Police Box?” when you need one. Oh well, there’s always fan fiction. The other thing the crack reminded me of was when in S2 of Agents Carter, the were dealing with Zero matter and it exploded, it left a crack very similar to that. The bad part about this crack was the Coulson volunteered to close it. Along comes a fake Mike, aka “Deathlok” to convince him this was all fake; cut to me shouting at my TV to shut up. Then the real Deathlok shows up, Coulson throws the orb while Deathlok parkour’s to save the day.

My favorite part of the episode…THE FITZSIMMONS WEDDING! Holy crap, I honestly wasn’t expecting that to happen! As soon as I heard the soft, flowing music I became an ugly, sobbing mess. The elevator doors open and Mac is proudly recording it all with a smile on his face. May and Daisy step aside to reveal Jemma is the most adorable wedding dress; now having met Elizabeth Henstridge and knowing how unbelievably nice she in person, I lost it. Jemma looked so pretty, she looked like an angel! Couslon officiated the wedding and said if he delayed it any longer it would be playing with fire, and I can without a doubt the entire FitzSimmons fandom screamed at their TVs “HERE HERE!” Each of their vows was just so precious, Fitz said he didn’t deserve Jemma. He MORE than deserves Jemma! They have been through hell and back together, and with everything they went through they always found each other. Cut to Daisy wiping away a tear, which made me cry even more because She was her best friend’s maid of honor and Mamma May was her bridesmaid (I was sad Yo-Yo couldn’t have been there, I know she would have loved to see FitzSimmons get married). And being the sap that I am, as soon as they cut to Jemma crying while Fitz was saying his vows, I was sobbing. I have shipped these two adorable characters since day one, and witnessed every grueling things they have been put up against. Five years later, the waiting has paid off!

The twist I did not see coming AT ALL was that Deke Shaw…is their grandson! WHAT?! I can honestly say, I can’t wait for the actual reveal to the team (if that happens, which I’m hoping it does).


Marvel movies have the glitz. Marvel’s Netflix shows have the grit. But, if you want heart, look no further than Agents of SHIELD. Out of all the comic book related media, this show is one of the best. It has only gotten better with each season and I’m hoping there are more in the future because if you’re like me and have read the comics, there are so many more stories to tell. Along with that, the 100th episode is proof that this show deserves another season.

This show has helped me get through so many tough times, and if it weren’t for this show I wouldn’t have discovered my awesome nerdy side and made so many new friends. With a show like this, you become attached to the characters instantly because as they progress, you can see parts of their personality  that you can identify with, no matter who the character is. And the fact that each of the amazing actors on the show want to do their own respective character justice makes me love this show even more. I’m still surprised that Agents of SHIELD or any of the actors haven’t even been considered for an Emmy or Golden Globe. They always bring their A-game, and continue to do so. If I could, I would make them all awards myself. This show has continued to prove that even if you’re different, you can still make a difference no matter how tough things may be.

That’s what this show means to me. It encourages me to be myself. It encourages me to embrace my uniqueness. It encourages me to make a difference even when I feel like there’s nothing I can do. Most importantly, this show encourages me to change the world for the better. It’s this show that motivated me to start writing stories of my own, in hopes to make something as great as Agents of SHIELD.

And for that, I am truly grateful. Thank you Agents of SHIELD for making my Friday nights exciting and eventful. Here’s to another 100 episodes because this Agents is always ready for duty.

Thank you Maurissa and Jed for writing and creating one of my favorite TV shows of all time. Thank you Clark, Ming, Chloe, Natalia, Elizabeth, Henry and Iain for bringing your heart and soul, and bringing to life some of my favorite characters in the Marvel Universe. All of you are so amazing and always make me proud to call myself an Agent. Xx


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