Having A Constant: Why I’m So Bad At Thinking of Things When it Comes to Writing

So…This is an awkward situation. It’s been, I think, several months (3 to be exact….maybe) since I’ve written my last blog. I used to be so good at writing almost every day. Now, I don’t know what happened. I get writer’s block every few months, and when I do find something to write about or get an idea, I’ll put it on the back burner because I get busy. Then, when I do get some spare time…I forget the idea I had.

Anyone else have this happen to them?

One odd thing that I tend to experience, in my case any way, is that I’ll get my ideas for writing in my every day life. And that was when I had a load of stuff going on, i.e. school, pep band, concert band, choir and theatre. Now, I get maybe one to two ideas a day and they aren’t even good half of the time. Granted, it does help when I write with my friends; I get ideas up the wazoo! But since we all have to go out into the world and Adult (which by the way is dumb), it’s getting harder and harder to collaborate on our stories that we have in progress. We do write a bit when we have free pockets of time, but the majority of the time…I’m just sitting on my rear trying to think of another idea for a story that’s more creative than the next.

Besides books, comic books and their respective TV shows, and movies, writing is one of the few constants in my life. And even though it’s there, I feel like I’ve been neglecting it like binge watching the latest show on Netflix. I know that it’s there, but I have to put it aside because there are more important things to tend to (HA! Not when you’re a geek like me).

My fellow bloggers who have possibly gone through this like I have, do you have any ideas for me about how to keep my writing constant? And by constant, I mean maybe writing a blog entry every 1-3 days. I say 1-3 days because I do have put work at the forefront. But any ideas that will keep my creativity in check I would greatly appreciate it.

I ask for ideas because I really do want to get better when it comes to my writing, and I do want to keep it constant and not to just write something, then have several months pass by before I decide to have a new entry. I don’t want to procrastinate when I get a really good idea, then just burnout.

The odd thing that gave me the idea to write this blog weirdly enough: I was watching Supergirl on Netflix (a show I highly recommend binge watching if you love comics). I know, a little bit off topic, but it helped spark my brain! I don’t know why it helped but it did. And I’m glad it did; it reminded me how much I like writing.

So, I make this promise to myself: To the best of my abilities I am going to write a blog entry, no matter how random the subject or topic may be, every 1-3 days. And if I go past that…someone needs to help me stay in check.

Got it? Good. *insert thumbs up emoji here*


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