Your True Colors Are Beautiful Like A Rainbow (Never Be Afraid To Be You)


I’ve come to realize something throughout my years of schooling: I don’t have to be afraid of being me! And I’m still learning that to this day. It’s one of the many lessons I’m still trying to figure out the twists and turns to.

The reason why I decided to write about this is because after spending time with myself, and taking some alone time, I’ve really realized that the only opinion I should care about…is my own. I don’t know why I rely on the approval of others so much; that’s just unhealthy.

The approval of others is good from time to time, but, ultimately, it’s YOUR opinion that decides who YOU become.


The quote that had helped me realize that I don’t have to be afraid of being me was a quote I’ve heard many times from the amazing Broadway Star, Sierra Boggess: “You are enough. You are so enough. It’s unbelievable how enough you are.” This mantra is so simple, yet the meaning is so deep and powerful. You, as a physical human being, are amazing! The amount of things you are capable of is astonishing! Don’t hide what you can do! Let that epic personality of your shine, and walk with your head held high!


Smiling. A lot can be said with one smile, and a lot can be done with one smile. In my opinion, I think one smile can change the world. Your smile is A HUGE part of being who you are. Your whole personality can be told through one, small muscle action. I know for me, I don’t “smile”, or show my teeth, because I am self conscious. BUT…I make up for “smiling” by working my half crooked smile. That’s one of the few things I like about myself. I think my crooked smile gives me a sense of mystery, like the Mona Lisa. And like the picture says above, never be afraid to smile…because you never know who will be looking, and who will fall in love with your smile.


Britney is preaching to the choir here! Never, ever doubt yourself! If you feel like you should do something…DO IT! Second guessing yourself is the number one downfall to being the best version of yourself. Don’t ever change. Plain and simple. Be the best version of yourself, and you’ll surprise everyone around you, not just yourself! Ignore the voices around you, because they only bring you down. Who cares what others think! It’s not their life…IT’S YOURS! Rock your life! Make every moment count.

You have to jump off the deep end an go for it! If you miss, it will be a learning experience. If you don’t miss…It’s another stepping stone on your end destination. You’ll never know unless you try.

Just like the song says, your true colors are beautiful like a rainbow. They may not always be seen because of the crap happening around you, but you know they are there. Once the rain ends, your colors will shine brighter than ever. NEVER BE AFRAID!. BE YOU! AND BE AWESOME!



  1. Rebecca Meyer · February 24, 2015

    This is so true! My resolution for 2015 was to be more selfish and pay attention to what I wanted in life, not what others wanted. I had this realization that I was doing things for others and not myself. I was losing who I was and what I wanted to be in life. So right now I’m working on changing that. I’m striving towards being comfortable with who I am and making my dreams happen.

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  2. Rebecca Meyer · February 25, 2015

    Reblogged this on Humyn and commented:
    Here is a great post from a fellow Wisconsinite and blogger, Miranda Miller. Check out her blog, The Wallflower Chronicles. I know I can relate to this post, especially in recent times.


  3. camillevt · February 25, 2015

    I LOVE this! So powerful and so true. I was actually stressing about work recently, and I started talking to myself on the drive over. I actually said to myself, “you are enough. You are more than enough.” So that quote really resonated with me. Looking forward to reading more of your work! 🙂


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