Long Time, No Type.

I know it’s been a while since I’ve last done one of these, and I will make it up to you now. Although it may be a short one. Either way, you going to get to read something.

I was so glad to be done with finals on Friday. That whole week was nothing but stress. That Friday night, I was more that happy to be going home. I did not want to me around school a minute longer. Packing was a welcomed task, and even though I suck at it, I liked thinking that in a few hours I’d be home in my own bed. That moment when I finally got home, I did the following: threw my stuff on the ground, put on my baggy sweats, and read my books the entire weekend. It was a nice, quiet relaxation vacation.

Flash forward to the 15th. I treated myself to a one night show of “Sister Act“. My mom as sister said that there were only certain parts of the music that were funny when saw it down in Appleton. I liked all of it. The comedic timing was impeccable, and the acting was superb. My favorite part was the music. Alan Menken, the genius composer who wrote music for TONS of my favorite Disney movies did the musical scoring for this show. I think it’s safe to say he definitely has another classic his hands. My favorite song from the entire show was Raise Your Voice. I could definitely see the ladies of the Lakeland College Concert Choir singing this for some kind of pops concert.

Anyway, this is my what happened my first few days home for Christmas vacation. Nothing interesting has happened yet, but as soon as something does…I will make sure to write it down. 🙂


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