I Won’t Grow Up in Never, Neverland!

So, I spent my Thursday night watching one of the greatest things on television ever: Peter Pan Live! That was probably the greatest three hours of my life, in all honesty. I hope NBC does something like RENT, Wicked or any other epic musical of that caliber live next!

The first thing I completely fangirled overload when I was watching was how PERFECT Kelli O’Hara (Bridges of Madison County, South Pacific) and Christian Borle (Peter and the Star catcher, SMASH, The Sound of Music Live) were as Mr. and Mrs. Darling. As I was watching, I was thinking to myself, “Can they be my parents, please?” I couldn’t stop smiling watching their performances. What made Christian even more amazing was that he was also Mr. Smee. His Mr. Smee was hysterical; every line he delivered was genius. And every time Kelli opened her mouth to sing, her vibrato made me roll off the couch she was that amazing.

Next, when Allison Williams (HBO’s Girls) flew through the window, I nearly jumped out of my seat. By far one of the coolest entrances on TV. But then, when she started to sing I gasped with joy. Her vibrato tone was amazing! Allison’s voice turned my soul into a puddle of pure happiness. When Allison, the boys who plays John and Michael, and Broadway up and comer Taylor Louderman got hoisted into the air, and flew…I won’t lie, I was a bit jealous. I even tried to think of a happy thought to get myself to fly, and nothing. I think Peter Pan may have lied to me.

The Lost Boys, otherwise known as: Newsies 2.0. I could see MANY familiar faces which made me happy! I saw my two favorites, Ryan Steele (Newsies) and Chris McCarrell (Les Misérables). I was just in awe watching them dance because seeing grace like that made me love theatre anymore. Not to forget all of the acrobatics they did; I wish I was that flexible and agile! I’m pretty sure if I attempted ANY of the things they did, I’d be limping and gimping for about a week. And their voices, oh their voices are the gift of God. Their voices could make any girl swoon…I was one of those girls. I love a man who can dance, act and sing. That’s my kind of man.

Now, to the amazing music behind the show. It was fantastic! they lyrics were amazing, and the orchestration was superb. I’d love to be a trombone player in that orchestra. What was even cooler is that once each song was sung, throughout the show you could hear motives and certain phrases in different moments of the scenes. The music for Peter Pan Live was definitely more put together and organized than The Sound of Music Live. I think the biggest success of these live musical events is not only the quality of the acting, but the music as well. It’s the music that draws you in when watching. It’s the music that creates emotions for the viewer. It’s the music that makes you have a fangirl overload, while live tweeting like a maniac and smiling from ear to ear. The music of Peter Pan Live is probably one of the greatest things on this planet.

I give this live NBC musical even a perfect score: 10 out of 10! I can’t wait to see what musical they do next because I think if they do a well known musical with the high quality of Broadway actors they had in Peter Pan Live, I have no doubt it will be a success. It’s because of TV events like this that make me really appreciate my passion for musical theatre. When you think about it, Musical Theatre and Broadway can bridge the gap between the Performing Arts and TV Entertainment. People enjoy both, and if you decide to do one or the other in the opposite format, you’ll please everyone…no matter what the age.



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