Sorry Elsa…The Cold Really Did Bother Anyway

So last night and today have been interesting. While enjoying my usual scheduled programming of Once Upon A Time, I caught a major case of the FEELS. What made this case of the feels equally intense was one of two events that happened in this episode.

The first moment was when Anna and Kristoff emerge from a trunk that washes up on the beach in Storybrooke. Emma and Elsa were out looking for her before the Snow Queen’s cursed had arrived in Storybrooke. Emma and Elsa had Anna’s snowflake necklace with them, which was glowing bright with a locator spell.When the porthole opened in the ocean, and they appeared…I was instantly fangirling! The cutest moment by far was when Elsa and Anna hugged for the first time was adorable; I nearly cried it was that emotional The second moment was when Snow White handed Emma her little brother before the Spell of Shattered Sight hit Storybrooke. When Emma starting crying as the cruse started to get closer, I wanted to reach through the TV and hug her. This season is doing a great job of keeping me tuned in. Season four of Once Upon A Time is by far the best season yet, and I’m a proud Oncer!

After my show was over, it instantly got colder in my dorm building. Now, being the huge fan of Once Upon A Time that I am, I immediately thought that the Snow Queen had iced us in, and we couldn’t escape the building. I come to find out a few minutes later that a pipe burst underneath the building which caused the heat and water to go out. At first, I was kind of mad because the water pipe was JUST fixed. Also, the fact that there was no heat made me mad because it feels like almost every other day, something is broken or failing at school. Thank God for my roommate and her space heater because even though it was below zero in the lounge, it was nice and toasty in my room.

Today, I woke up to the noise of the showers running. I was never more happy to hear a sound in my entire life! I hadn’t washed my hair in three days, so as soon as I heard the sound of running water I frantically jumped in the shower. Taking a warm shower calmed my somber mood a bit from yesterday. The heat was still out, but my roommate keep her space heater on all day, so I wasn’t too worried. Heat wasn’t so much a worry for me anymore, I knew it was going to come on eventually. I’m still irked that water still hasn’t been safely passed to drink. People need to clean dishes and cook, and I don’t know how people will be able to avoid that. Luckily, I have a stockpile of water in my fridge and my dishes are plastic and paper. All is good on my end, but it is irritating that my school can’t keep their crap together. We pay money to stay here, which means EVERYTHING should be working.

I know I have said I am Elsa in circumstances; I’m very protective of my friends and family, I’m an introvert, I keep to myself and I try to help others as best as I can. But, when it comes to freezing outside, freezing in my own dorm room, and having to wear multiple layers of clothing during the day as well as sleeping…I am not Elsa. I’m fine if the weather is above my age. If the temperature ever falls below my age, that is a very good reason for me to stay inside. I’m sorry to my inner Elsa, but…the cold really did bother me anyway.


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