Once Upon A Time…Aka THE BEST SHOW EVER!

Since the day this show has premiered, Once Upon A Time has provided me with the greatest hour of my life. The characters are complex, the story lines are amazing and the emotions are heart retching. I swear, every time I watch…I end up shouting, and talking back to my TV! I don’t know what it is about this show, but whenever this show it’s on my TV, and I talk to my TV…I feel like the TV can hear me when I shout at it.

This season of Once Upon A Time…HOLY CRAP! My emotions have never been messed with this much when it came to a TV show! Not only does this season have the most complexity out of all the seasons, but it also has my favorite Disney movie of all time as part of the plot…FROZEN! Season 4 of Once Upon A Time is by far the best season yet.

I’m not going to lie, I do have serious girl crushes on Lana Parrilla, Jennifer Morrison and Emilie de Ravin. Can you blame me though? They are three of my favorite characters from the show: Regina Mills, Belle and Emma Swan. Not to mention, some of my favorite scenes are when one or more has a witty comeback, or really emotional touching moments. Belle is my favorite Disney Princess of all time, and when Regina and Emma use their magic…I’m so jealous. I wish I had magical powers like that. I dream about it every day, and I think how much more interesting and easy my life would be.

Now, when it comes to this show’s supply of man candy…it does not fall short. I think at some point during the four seasons that I’ve watched devotedly, I have shipped myself with at least one of the men of Once Upon A Time: some more than others. My favorites: Captain Hook and Robin Hood, but mainly Captain Hook.

Captain Hook, aka Captain Guyliner, is my idea of a dream man. Because of him, I wish Irish Pirates were real. His witty, and very cute remakes he banters back and forth with Emma Swan are seriously some of the cutest things I’ve ever watched. I ship Captain Swan so hard, I wish I was Emma! I swoon over him every time he comes on the TV screen. If only he were roughly 10 years younger…I might have a chance.

The actresses playing Elsa and Anna on OUAT this season would make Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell very proud. Elizabeth Lail is quirky just like the animated version; she even looks like her. She is absolutely adorable, I could just hug her. Georgina Haig looks a lot like the animated Elsa, it’s amazing! She’s absolutely beautiful; I wish I had a combo of Elsa’s ice powers, and Emma’s light magic.

Once Upon A Time is a passion of mine. The reason I say that is because it allows me to forget about all of my struggles that I go through. I can also relate to a few of the characters, especially Elsa, Emma and Belle. Like them, I’m very protective of my family and friends, I put walls up so I don’t get hurt, I’m introverted and shy, I’m a wallflower and My family and friends are the ones who bring out the best in me. Also, it’s because of those traits that make them, as well as myself uniquely beautiful.

I may or may not have developed an addiction to this show, but I don’t see that as a bad things. Everyone has their vices, it just so happens Once Upon A Time is one of mine. It’s one of my favorite TV shows, and it always relieves stress whenever I need a smile. I really do hope this show goes on for a few more seasons, otherwise my Sunday nights will become very boring.


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