This Is Me: How Being Truthful to Myself Has Allowed Me to be Happier

So, as I’m sure most of you have read my last blog by now will know my deepest secret. For those of you who are just finding my blog, and have recently began to read, I’ll give you the shortened version: I came out as Bisexual.

Update: Since coming out on here, and two of my social medias, I have gotten nothing but love!

I honestly was expecting the worst. I’ve ready stories, and seen how sad the results were. I assumed that I was going to have the same experience. Boy, was I wrong.

The amount of replies I got on social media, saying how much people admired my courage for telling something deeply personal, as well as just hearing that it made other people smile because someone, me, they hardly knew was finally being truthful to themselves about who they were.

The messages I’ve also gotten from friends nearly made me tear up because they mean the absolute world to me. They are my found family. Yes, I know that sounds beyond cheesy, but it’s true. Sometimes, friends are the best family you could ask for.

“Live the Hell outta your truth baby girl.”

This quote shook me to my core. When I shared my story, and the characters that influenced my journey along with the amazing actresses that played them, I was not expecting one of them to actually reply!

To give you a bit more context to the quote, it was left by Camryn Grimes, who I ADORE. The character that she plays that has inspired me is Mariah Copeland on the Soap “Young and the Restless”. I may have joined in on the viewing party a bit late, but when I did I was so glad.

The episode where she was coming out to her mom, Sharon, moved me to tears because what she was saying I could identify with on a personal level. She was trying to figure out who she was; she felt like she was lying to herself, with completely new feelings she had never experienced before. But as time went on in the show, she grew. She accepted herself for who she was, she felt comfortable with her feelings for Tessa, and more importantly I think she started to love herself.

Like Mariah, I’m on that part of my journey. I’m starting to love myself for who I am and accept myself as this amazing, talented, badass of a person who is on this journey to becoming a great writer. I still have some struggles, but those struggles don’t phase me anymore.

Why this quote means so much to me is because if it weren’t for Camryn’s portrayal of Mariah on Y&R, I would have kept this secret longer and it would have only made me even more unhappy. With how much truth she puts into her performance every week on screen, both Camryn and Mariah make me feel seen as well as valid. I can point to my TV and proudly say, “Yeah, that’s me. I feel that.” Just getting that little bit of extra motivation from someone I admire so much makes me want to be an even better version of myself.

And, to tell you the truth…Right now, I already feel like I am. This has honestly been the happiest I’ve been in a long time. Having it out there now, I have nothing to hide. I am finally relaxing into this new “skin”, and I love it. I am no longer going to apologize for being me, and if people take issue or think I’ve changed…goodbye. Simple as that. Lying was only damaging my self esteem. I prefer being authentic so much more.

As for the few obstacles that still remain, there are still some friends and most of my family that don’t know. Family is the main one because it’s kind of…all over, to put it nicely. But for now, I’m not going to let that ruin how I feel about myself.

To quote Dominique Provost-Chalkley, who plays Waverly Earp on Wynonna Earp (another character that has helped me on this journey):

“Never stop being you because it’s a very, very, very special trait to have.”

I couldn’t agree more. I am ME. I am HERE. I am FANTASTIC, just the way I am.


My Authentic Self: Time to Tell My Story

I bet you are wondering what’s with the dramatic, foreshadowing title? Well, I’ve been going back and for on how I should tell my story. As well as if I should tell it regardless. The main thing that has been keeping me from sharing: Fear. Fear of what people will think of me. Fear of people leaving. Fear of people looking at me different; thinking I’m some foreign entity. Well, no more. No more time for letting fear control my life. No more giving a damn of what people think of me. No more lying to myself. Yes, I am scared shitless about what I’m about to share, but like the title says I need to be my authentic self and tell my story.

And who knows, maybe there will be someone reading this who’s had the same experience I had, and reading what I’ve had to say will help them feel less alone in this world.

Okay, here it is. No time for beating around the bush. My secret that I’ve kept to myself for almost two years now is: I’m Bisexual.

And to those people are wondering: No, I’m not actually secretly gay. No, I am most certainly NOT down for a threesome. No, I am NOT doing this for attention. No, I am not more likely to cheat. No, I am not confused. No, it is NOT a phase. And no, I’m NOT greedy.

I am me. I am here. I am VALID and I EXIST. To quote Waverly Earp, “I’m here and I stay and I never give up.” The reason why I have only told a select few of people is because there is so much Bi-erasure happening in media, as well as the LGBTQ+ community. People like to deny it, but it’s there.

The reason why I am now deciding to share my story is all because of a Podcast I listened to a few days ago. “Tales of the Black Badge” is a Podcast dedicated to Wynonna Earp, one of my favorite shows of all time. And their most recent one, they had one of my favorite actresses and human beings of all time as their guest, Dominique Provost-Chalkley who plays Waverly Earp on the show.

Listening to her talk made my heart figuratively grow three sizes because she’s so inspiring and so positive. Her character may be an Angel on the show, but she is an Angel in real life.

Like Waverly in S1, I didn’t know who I really was. I was trying to figure out where I fit in, what I liked and more importantly, WHO I liked. It wasn’t until I saw Waverly and Nicole; I started to think, “Aw that looks nice.” At first, that immediately scared me. I had never thought about a girl like that before. Being 23 years old and suddenly seeing a person in a different light like that, I was terrified. After that moment, I pushed those feelings down because I didn’t know what to do.

For those two years, I was miserable because I didn’t know how to address these feelings or act on them. As time went on, I started noticing things more. I started to look at men and women in the same way; thinking, “Wow, he’s just as attractive as she is.”, and vice versa. As time went on, these thoughts began to scare me less and less.

Now, I’m nowhere near the stage Waverly is in S3, where she is completely comfortable with herself and who she loves, but I’ve come to accept myself for who I am and that I am perfect the way I am.

Like Wynonna has had Waverly’s back from day one, after I had come out to my best friend, I felt a huge weight being lifted off my shoulders. I was most nervous to tell her because she’s My Ride or Die, My Person, and if I lost her my world would have crumbled. But hearing her say, “I’m always going to be in your corner, no matter what. You have my support, always.” I burst into tears.

Having the kind of support meant the world, and it even boosted my confidence because since telling her, I have felt myself becoming happier. I do have the occasional hiccups every now and again, but the good outweighs the bad.

Dominique said in the Podcast, “Have faith that you are good enough. That everything will work out the way it’s supposed to work out, and continue being brave because one day it will pay off.”

Well, that day is today. This is me. This is my authentic self. I’m 25 years old, a huge nerd, and a bookworm who likes writing. And I just happen to be Bisexual.  The people I have told have given the best reactions I could have asked for and I love them all.

The people I haven’t told, including my family and other friends, I’m terrified. Especially my mom because, I know she’s told me she had friends who were apart of the LGBTQ+ community, but there have been a few instances where her reaction to things were kind of in a “grey area”. The main reason I haven’t told her, in particular, is because I still live in the same house as her. Being myself in a house where I’m constantly surrounded by dysfunction makes me anxious to be true to who I am. Even when I bring up topics, things in media, or people related to the LGBTQ+ community, the answers I will get are: “Oh.”, “Huh.”, or “Okay.” Not even a full sentence.

The one thing about that horrible situation that has kept my Anxiety at bay, is knowing I have plenty of friends I can talk to on social media who like the same things I do.

“You don’t have to fit in. You don’t have to try and fit in to fit in. By being yourself, you attract people that are like you. This is the thing, if you are fully present with who you are at your core, the people, the energy that you give off, in turn, attracts people that are like you.

Dominique is right once again. Since I’ve found Wynonna Earp, I’ve been able to be true to who I am as a person, and love the things about myself I never would have in the past. And meeting other fans of the show, I have been able to relax and not have to worry about being judged. I mean, I know in the real world, there will always be people who will say Biphobic things, and make me feel lower than dirt. But, I just have to remember: their opinion of me doesn’t matter. Only mine does. To quote another badass heroine, Agent Peggy Carter, “I know my value. Anyone else’s opinion doesn’t really matter.”

Now, it’s time for the sappy stuff.

When I listened to the Podcast, there was a part where Dominique mentioned that all of the people, who have watched the show, had gotten their confidence and courage from Waverly, having gone on the same journey she had. She then goes on to say that because of that, they are the REAL LIFE VERSIONS of Waverly.

I couldn’t help but burst into tears. I know I’m not as lucky as some of the fans how have gotten the chance to meet her at cons, but hearing her say that made me so happy. Like my favorite character on TV, I have overcome the most difficult obstacles that could have made me bitter, but I beat them and I still managed to keep a kind and loving heart.

Dominique, to me, is one of those people I aspire to be like one day: A positive ray of sunshine that uses her voice for good, and defends the ones whose voices are silent because they feel like what they have to say/who they are doesn’t matter. And if it weren’t for her and that Podcast, I wouldn’t be writing this; telling the deepest secret of my life to tons of people on the internet.

So, if she does happen to read this, Thank you Dom. Thank you for giving me the courage I needed to finally tell my story. Thank you for playing a character I could see myself in; that taught me to love myself despite the challenges that surround me. But most importantly, thank you for being that bright light that has always inspired me to fight through my Anxiety and spells of Self-Doubt. I’m forever grateful for your positivity.

And to anyone who feels like they are alone this world because you were in my shoes at one point: You are not alone. You are not worthless. You are not invisible. I see you. “You are enough. You are so enough, it’s unbelievable how enough you are.” to quote Sierra Boggess. Know that what you are feeling is valid. It is not a phase. And if you are feeling like you don’t see yourself in media, I’m here to tell you there are LOADS of characters on TV and books that are Bisexual. You may have to dig a bit because they aren’t given as much recognition, but they are there trust me.

I also want to tell you that if you feel like you have to tell someone because keeping it bottled up is making you unwell and anxious, make sure your living situation is safe. And if that doesn’t work out, make sure you have a solid support system of friends that will support you. And when you do have that support system, with time, you will come into your own, experience things you never would have imagined, and you will finally feel free. Free and happy to be yourself.

The only reason why I’m putting this down in a blog is because I know that eventually I will tell my mom, just being able to put it to words in this way makes me feel like I’m “coming out”, even though I know in reality I will actually have to tell the rest of the people when the time comes.

So that’s it. That’s me. My Authentic Self. I am Bisexual and I am still me. Nothing about me has changed.

I would be lying to myself if I said I wasn’t scared to write this. I had to jump in place to get rid of all the nerves before I even wrote this. But I know this was the right decision. I know that by sharing my experience, it may help others. Who those others will be, I don’t know. But, knowing I potentially made a difference that was worth it.

To quote Dominique one last time, “I just hope I have the courage to take that left turn.” I may not have physically turned while writing this, but in a metaphorical sense I have. This blog post took every fiber of my being to make happen. Now that I’ve finally done it, I can finally breathe and think clearly for the first time in a very long time. I can finally live in the moment; cherishing the things that are happening in my present.

“I am brave, I am bruised, I am who I’m meant to be this is me. I’m not scared to be seen, I make no apologies, this is me.” – Keala Settle as Lettie Lutz in The Greatest Showman


I’m Not the Only One: Why Having Fellow Writers As Friends Helped Me See I’m Not Alone.

The last blog I wrote, I rambled on about how am I supposed to do this “published author in the making” thing and expressed that because I don’t do it enough on a schedule, I was scared my dream of making a difference in other people’s lives may not come true.

Turns out, I’m not the only one who feels this way.

My good friend, and fellow blogger, Becky Meyer, had a very in depth and eye opening conversation about how sometimes, it’s good to take a bit of a long break from writing.

The first thing she told me to ease my fears was, “What’s nice about writing is you can always come back to it. And can always turn it into a career.” She’s absolutely right. Maybe not touching my book or blog in over a month was low-key good for me. I was out of fresh ideas, and needed that time to jump start my brain. Low and behold, I’m writing another entry within the span of a few days and have some new ideas for my book as well!

And as good as I felt about that, I still felt like a failure. Not doing something I love without making any progress, left me with a huge hole in my life. “You’re not a failure. I know what you mean when you feel bad for not blogging in a while. I’ve felt that way too. But sometimes we have to take breaks, and sometimes it’s better to do that and look at your blog with fresh eyes, rather than pushing yourself.”

Just hearing a friend of mine say You are NOT a failure gave me so much confidence. Believing in myself should always be number one priority, but when I’m so low, belief from a close friend, who happens to have the same passion as you, is a pick me up I never get tired of because I know I can make them proud. What made that even better is that Becky told me that if I write more, more opportunities will appear as well as people reading my  work. And I 100% agree with her.

If I were to talk to another one of my friends with different interests about what I was feeling about writing, they’d understand and be supportive, but they wouldn’t be of much help, I hate to say. Talking with Becky, I feel less alone.

For instance: Being inspired and finding new ideas to write about. To me, I find that THE HARDEST thing (it differs from writer to writer, I know). What she told me was, “I just wait until I feel inspired enough and find something I want to write about. Sometimes, that takes time and I go through spells where I don’t write for a while.” Knowing I’m not the only one who has Writer’s Block that can last for months at times, makes me feel less stressed and less alone.

“I know. it’s tough sometimes. But sometimes you find inspiration when you least expect it, and when you’re not looking for it.” This sure foreshadowed the idea for this blog, huh? Thanks Becky! xD

I also just wanted to say thanks again to her for giving me permission to write about our conversation. It really helped me figure out how I was going to move as a writer, and how to combat my future spells of Writer’s Block. What I like most about talking to her, is that we end up giving each other ideas.

I’m glad I’m not alone in feeling this because that’s my favorite part about being a writer in fact: reading friends’ works, giving ideas to help them, as well as being helped in return (constructive criticism and all). Most importantly, we all go through the same thing, yet manager to get through it even stronger than before.


— Please go check out my friend’s blog. Her writing is amazing, and you will definitely learn some things about yourself. I know I did.

How Do I Do This?

I’m really terrible at this “I want to become a published writer” thing. I told myself time and time again that this is what I wanted to do with my life, and yet I can’t even follow through with a self-given goal.

I kept meaning to write a bit each day, both on my story and my blog. But, now that I see it, I kept giving myself excuses or making up excuses as to why I haven’t done it in over a month. A good writer shouldn’t do that, and I’m far from good.

To be real here, I decided I wanted to become a writer for two reasons: my theatre dream went down the crapper, and I figured I would be a lot better at telling stories rather than acting them out. I’m not at my decision, but since I haven’t even touched my laptop, It felt like this new dream was starting to head down the same path.

Maybe I shouldn’t set deadlines for myself. Doing that in the first place only made me more stressed, and I never got anything done because I WANTED to, I always felt like I HAD to. Writing shouldn’t be an obligation. It’s what I want to for a potential future career, and something I love shouldn’t be making me hate what I want to do.

Does that make any sense? I’m probably just rambling because I haven’t done this in a long time.

If I’m being totally honest, I don’t even know how to get my writing off on the right foot. I’m completely lost on how to do this. I don’t know how to grab people with a hook. My hooks are more “oh” instead of “Oooooo”. The characters are an A- at best, the plots I think of are above average, not “holy crap, I did not see that coming at all”, and my vocabulary isn’t as descriptive and varied as I like. I want to be good at this because I want to make people feel like they have an escape from their boring, stressful, mundane lives. I want to provide representation for people who don’t see themselves in current literature. Where to begin all of that, I haven’t the faintest idea.

I have two other friends who have been doing this longer than I have, and I hope one day I will be as amazing as they are. I’m hoping I make them proud, whenever that day comes.

I don’t even know if people on here even read my blogs. If they do, I’d be beyond surprised. If they don’t, I’m kind of just typing away into an empty void.

However, if there ARE people who have experienced this, whoever you are…What do I do? How do I do this writer thing?


Why A Good Support System Is Essential When You Have Anxiety

First and foremost, I feel like crap today.

I have been going through some pretty hard stuff over these past few months, and it was only today that I felt like I got hit by a bus. It felt like my whole world was crumbling around me today. It got so bad, and thank goodness she did, my best friend FaceTimed me today just to make sure I was okay.

Today, I found out how much money in my account. And let me tell you, it wasn’t a lot. Once I found that out, the thought of “How am I going to pay for these two trips I have coming up next month?” popped into my head. Then, the thought of how am I supposed to pay for those when I have to pay for my internet bill in a few weeks came. Then it was work related worries. Then health, then faith. And before I knew it I was having a Jack Daniel’s Lemonade at 12 in the afternoon because I felt like nothing else was going to help me feel better.

Thank goodness I had my best friend to talk me down from my ledge. I honestly don’t know what I would have done today if she didn’t call me today. I probably would’ve just laid in bed and cried till I fell asleep, to be honest; I felt that dark. She is one of those people that I can talk to about anything, despite being totally different.

Why I trust her with my deepest darkest thoughts more than my own family is because she has gone through the same things I have. She is much better in her life, whereas I, on the other hand, am still climbing out of this hole.

I told her what was going on with me today, and she gave me advice and tough love I needed to hear. As much as I hate tough love, I needed to hear it. And I’m going to take her advice. I’ll admit, I’m not the greatest when it comes to taking advice from other people. But what she told me to do, I’m going to do my best and follow it.

She and I may live thousands of miles apart, but that doesn’t matter. My best friend is just a FaceTime away. Her degree is in psychology, and she gave me a therapy session I desperately needed; she is going to make a great spokesperson for Mental Health/Therapist.


A bit of a shorter blog than I normally write. I’m emotionally drained, and I can’t really remember much of today. Anyone else have any advice to deal with Anxiety and how to overcome it? I’d love to hear it.

Mamma Mia! Why I Think The ABBA Extravaganza is the Best Movie of the Summer


So I just saw this amazing movie this afternoon, and I don’t even know where to begin. I don’t think there are enough words in the English language to fangirl over this movie, but I’m going to trying and think of as many as I can because…WOW.

My first round of praising goes to Lily James. Some may know her as Lady Rose MacClare on Downton Abbey, or Natasha Rostova War & Peace, or even Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. For me, I feel in love with her immediately as Cinderella in the 2015 version of Cinderella.

The casting of Lily and Young Donna Sheridan is absolutely spot on. Having to live up to an icon like Meryl Streep I can only imagine as being very daunting. Her performance in the first Mamma Mia was legendary, and I think is one of the greatest performances in cinematic history. But Lily pulled it off brilliantly. Not only does she look like a young Meryl, but even her voice matched the style and way Meryl sings. Any time she opened her mouth to sing, I got the biggest smile on my face because I knew I was going to watch a fantastic scene. Her performance in this movie, along with her on screen presence, for me, has already cemented her as movie musical icon. Her chemistry with all three of her love interests was some of the best I’ve seen when it comes to love triangles. Most movies make them dramatic and unpleasant, not Mamma Mia. They managed to make it work, and have all three guys end up being friends in the end because they all loved Donna.

I can’t talk about Donna without talking about Sophie herself, Amanda Seyfried. It’s been 10 years since the world saw her as Sophie, and when I heard the news they were making this movie, I flipped out. I absolutely loved Sophie because it reminded me of how I was when I was 20, minus being engaged.

I think my favorite part about Sophie in this movie is that you could tell she was a lot wiser, and had grown up a lot since the last movie, due to the fact Donna (SPOILER ALERT!!) had sadly passed away. She was now running the new refurbished Bella Donna. As the movie goes on, you get some very sweet moments between Sophie and Tonya and Rosie, as well as Sophie and Sam/Harry/Bill. During “Dancing Queen” when Sky comes back to surprises her for the grand re-opening of the hotel made my heart so warm because even though they had a fight in a previous scene, they still loved each other regardless of what happened.

Right off the bat, the movie starts off with a flashback and one of my favorite songs on the entire soundtrack. “I Kissed The Teacher” has to be one of the catchiest songs I’ve ever heard in my life. I can’t be in a bad mood when I listen to it. And if you are ever in a bad mood, just blast this song; I can guarantee you will be smiling and dancing before it finishes. What I also love about the music of this movie is that each song seamlessly flows into the next, with no bumps in the road. We got some of the classics revisited from the first movie in new ways, as well as some songs.

This movies new songs had me sobbing, which I did not expect to happen. The song “I’ve Been Waiting For You” was absolutely beautiful. What I love about this song is that not only was paying tribute to her mom by performing with Tanya and Rosie at the party, she was also singing to (SPOILER ALERT!!) her soon to be baby, hoping she will be as good as a mom as her own. “My Love, My Life” got my waterworks flowing. This song was just an ode to a beautiful mother/daughter relationship and how they will never break, no matter what happens. The final verse had me full on crying; seeing Sophie and Donna singing one last duet together was beautiful. And seeing ALL generations of the characters singing “Super Trouper” together was the cherry on top of this perfect movie.

Before 5th Harmony. Before Little Mix. Even before The Spice Girls, there was Donna and The Dynamos: the original Girl Power Band. Who they cast to play Young Tanya and Young Rosie were absolutely stunning. The chemistry all three of the young Dynamos shared on screen, you could feel it in your seat as you watch. I love when the casting department for movie nails who they choose because Lily, Alexa Davies and Jessica Keenan Wynn look exactly like Meryl, Julie Walters and Christine Baranski. Add their fantastic voices and comedic timing, you have the recipe for dynamic characters everyone will love.

Let me tell you, when I had a FEELS trip with this movie, I had a roller coaster ride of emotion. But that’s the best part when watching this movie. You’ll go from chuckling, to belly laughing your butt off, to tearing up, to crying, to full on belly laughing by the end because of how great the end credits are. Movie that do that, but also manage to make you feel happy the rest of the day are the movies that are worth going back to see again and again.

Cher. That’s all I have to say. Cher was the performance in the movie I did not need more of in my life. She is such a powerhouse Queen in this role, I couldn’t help but sing-a-long to her song “Fernando” while watching, even though I shouldn’t have. IF, and that’s a big IF, a Mamma Mia 3 is made, I hope her character comes back. I want to see (SPOILER ALERT!!) How she does as a “great-grandmother” to Sophie’s son, Donny, who was named after Donna.

Speaking of Mamma Mia 3, I need a duet between Sophie and Young Donna. I can just picture how brilliant and breathtaking that scene will be; I also just need Amanda and Lily to sing together because two fierce icons singing together, would be a precious gift to this world. Sophie could be reminiscing by trying on one of Donna’s old overalls, then BOOM! There’s a flash of light, and Sophie is transported back to the 70s where she ends up befriending her mom. It would be a musical “Back to the Future”, and that sounds like a good movie to me.

As for my thoughts: This movie is about as hot as the Summer weather outside, but in the best possible way. It’s a good movie to go see to treat yourself to a “Me Day”. It’s a good movie to see with a bunch of your best friends, and then go for a drive while blasting the soundtrack as you sing at the top of your lungs. It’s even a good movie for a fun family day. Young or old, this movie is for you. It will make you smile and dance, and just put you in the best mood. “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again“, in my opinion, is one of the best movie musicals to ever exist. It’s also at the top of my list of favorite movies in cinematic history. And that is why I think it is the best movie of the Summer.


Getting Blocked: Why Being a Writer is Harder Than It Looks



Sorry about my absence from her, everyone. Life got in the way, and I’ve been in a bad place for the past couple of days.

I couldn’t write. I had really bad writer’s block and I had no idea what to do.

My first story I started, “Love Around the Corner”, I have everything all planned out and I know how I want it to play out, I just can’t figure out what words I want to type. I haven’t touched that story in months. My writer’s block for that story was so bad, I ended up starting a new story called “True to Your Heart”, and that one is moving more smoothly than my first one.

Why? Both are about the same subject matter. Can anyone that’s a fellow writer please help me understand this? One story is so much easier to write, and the other I haven’t touched because I want it to be perfect. Or, I haven’t touched it because I’m scared that it will never get published. I have that fear about both of my stories actually.

I want to be a writer. I want to be able to create stories, no matter what they are, and have every single person to be able to relate to it in some way. I just didn’t realize how bad the moments you have a lack of inspiration or creativity would get.

Comments I’ve seen on articles about writing, and people who do this for a living blow my mind. People think writing is just like shooting the breeze with old friends; it’s not. I finally realized this last year when I decided that this is what I wanted to do for a living.

Writing requires discipline, concentration, and an ability to think of crazy ideas that can be made into something spectacular. Writing also comes with this dreaded thing called Writer’s Block. It’s a pain in the butt, and for me some days it makes me extremely anxious. If I can’t figure out an idea, or ideas, to move my story along I sit there not knowing what to do.

That’s why I have so much respect for the show runners of my favorite TV shows, (Jennie Urman of Jane the Virgin, Emily Andras of Wynonna Earp, and Melissa Tancharoen/Jed Whedon of Agents of SHIELD, and the writers of The Bold Type) and my favorite authors (J.K. Rowling, Jenny Colgan, Danielle Paige and Elizabeth J. Braswell). They’ve had it too, yet they find ways to break out of it and create masterpieces. I need them to teach me their ways.

Another person that I look up to when I write is my best friend Rae. She has shared countless stories with me, as well as done several Agents of SHIELD fan fictions with me. She’s the one that always inspires me to do better. And I can always count on her to give me honest criticism if my writing is bad. I hope I can be as good as her one day.

I’ve always loved writing, but never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that this is what I should be doing with my life.

My writer’s block is finally over, and ideas are coming to me. How easily they will come, that will be left up to what sparks my creativity.

Any of my fellow bloggers and writers on here with any tips and tricks I could use, I’d greatly appreciate.

I want this to work out.